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Jewellery Making Workshop, "Gemstone Tree Of Life Pendant", Fri 31 Jan, 19.30

At the last of the four jewellery making workshops with Cherry Charm on *Fri 31 Jan* we will be making a gemstone tree of life pendant as shown in the photos this time. We will cover a lot of basic wiring and twisting techniques in this workshop which will form a good foundation for anyone who would like to do more jewellery making in the future. Expect a lot of fun while learning new skills and making something pretty :-)! Fee is £25 pp and includes, * Gemstones, crystals and all materials required * Tools and instruction * A glass of wine (or hot/cold drink) * A finished gemstone pendant Extra tools set and materials are also available for purchase if you want to make more at home.

Advance booking is required, please email belgianbrasseriemam@gmail.com with guest name and number.

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