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BB Events in March

We have some very exciting plans in hand and I would love to share with you all. Please mark the dates and special offers below, more details will be available on our website/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter in the next couple of days 😊.

1/ We will celebrate the Mother's Day on Sun 26 Mar by treating the wonderful mums a delicious waffle of their choice and a cup of tea if you are celebrating with them at BB on the day. Each group of customer is eligible for one.

2/ Relaunch evening on *Friday 31 March* - join us for a free glass of wine and live entertainment on the evening when we announce a full range of new events from late spring, including the coming back of our popular jazz dinner evenings, extended business hours, arts and crafts workshops and themed events.

3/ Fancy joining a Mad Hatter Afternoon tea party with your kids over the term break or doing some Easter home decorations for yourself?!

Get in touch for more details 😊.




Instagram: belgianbrasserie/ Twitter: BBCreperie/ Facebook: Belgian Brasserie

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