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Jazz Dinner with InFussion Jazz - Fri 2 Jun

Date: Friday 2 June

Time: 19.30 to 22.30

Price: £20 per person for 2 courses or £23 for 3 courses; all served with a glass of wine and canapés on arrival.

To book your table in advance, please email or call 020 8417 1600 with guest names and menu options.

We are super excited to announce the 2nd event of our monthly jazz dinner with InFussion Jazz, who will bring in a trio with keyboards, guitar and saxophone to us :-)! They will bring in a quality mix of Jazz standards, Bossa Nova, Funky Grooves like those of Herbie Hancock's Headhunters and much more. Visit their Facebook page to see a video of their recent performance in Croydon - you will love it :-).

As some of you know we are a lovely but little place, so although we can take a small number of walk-ins, it would be best to book in advance as we hate to turn down guests at the door :-).

Early bird discount - 5% off if you register on or before Friday 26 May.

As for's the beginning of June then... shall we be a little adventurous and put together a summery menu for you guys :-)?



* Brie and Parma ham with a drizzle of truffle honey and nuts, OR

* Spanish gazpacho soup (cucumber tomato cold soup) (v)


* Flemish carbonado chicken and beer stew bowl with green salad and crepe fingers, OR

* Camembert with redcurrant sauce, walnut & Baby Leaf Spinach (double) (v)


*Belgian chocolate and strawberry dips with vanilla ice-cream

* Waffle with maple syrups and mascarpone/whipped cream

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