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Jazz Dinner with Gill Manly and Simon Wallace - Fri 7 Jul

Date: Friday 7 July

Time: 19.30 to 22.30

Price: £20 per person for 2 courses or £23 for 3 courses; all served with a glass of wine and canapés on arrival.

To book your table in advance, please email or call 020 8417 1600 with guest names and menu options.

Let us welcome the very first female performer of our programme - Gill Manly! A show not to be missed and here is why :-)...

Gill Manly is a jewel in the crown of British Jazz, having performed across the capital’s greatest venues for over 30 years. Her richly diverse palette of music is peppered with Nina Simone songs from her critically acclaimed Ronnie Scott’s show. A headline resident at Ronnie Scott’s Club for 10 years, Gill performs with Simon Wallace on the piano, and drives the audience through the panoply of jazz and blues with a dash of soul. Never afraid to "fly without a net vocally", she has earned the acclaim of both her profession and audiences.

A veteran of jazz music, Gill grew up immersing in her father’s favourite jazz records and began singing at an early age. When the Jazz FM Radio was born, Gill was involved in many related projects and concerts. She hosted weekly jazz gigs at Smollenskys, introducing new and established singers live on various broadcasts. Know more about Gill here.

Gill has performed in many of London’s most popular jazz scenes. Just to quote a couple of notes from various press who has attended her performance,

“Manly's bluesy voice tapped into the ballad's sense of longing. One of our most versatile jazz-blues singers, she made a long overdue return to recording last year……the music itself was full of individual touches.” CLIVE DAVIS – THE TIMES

“Great voice, terrific vocal range and technique, commanding stage presence, and packed houses. The audience and Ronnie Scott's Club loves Gill Manly”. SIMON COOK, RONNIE SCOTT'S, LONDON

“Manly is a singer who exquisitely balances clarity of line and emotional nuance, all wrapped up in her characteristically lustrous timbre”. JAZZWISE

All of us here at BB are immensely looking forward to the show by Gill and her pianist Simon Wallace. Love.her.voice - get a some preview here.

As some of you know we are a lovely but little place, so although we can take a small number of walk-ins, it would be best to book in advance as we hate to turn down guests at the door :-) (and we are more than fully booked for our last jazz dinner!).

Early bird discount - 5% off if you register on or before Friday 30 June.

We have received very good feedback from our guests for our last jazz dinner, we will be taking the summer theme further as we will be in July after all :-)!



* Mini chicken skewers in Ras el hanout and cumin sauce OR,

* Cucumber sub with cream cheese and tomato (v)


* Pasta salad bowl with avocado, mango and prawns in spicy soya sauce and sesame oil dressing OR,

* Five beans chili crepe with mature cheddar, sour cream and spinach (double) (v)


* Watermelon margarita poptails, served with berries OR,

* Crepe with Belgian chocolate and strawberry

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