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Jazz Dinner with The Tides - Fri 9 Mar (rescheduled from Fri 2 Mar)

Date: Friday 9 March

Time: 19.30 to 22.30

Price: £20 per person for 2 courses or £23 for 3 courses; all served with a glass of red/white wine and canapés on arrival.

To book your table in advance, please email or call 020 8417 1600 with guest names and menu options.

If you happened to pass by BB on Friday 4 August last year, you will remember the magic Haley and Denise brought to us here!

Join us for the jazz dinner with The Tides! Vocalist Hayley will be performing with drummer Dessie and keyboardist Kat.

The Tides is a multi-genre collaboration between musicians hailing from around the globe. They play a mixture of jazz, pop, r&b, funk, soul, reggae & more. Permanent band members, Vocalist Hayley and Drummer Dessie run the band and now have a catalogue of musicians from all over the world. Each member brings something different to the group, having unique experiences performing in tours, theatres, clubs, resorts and luxury cruise liners in many genres all around the world. This massively talented 2-8 piece band are ready to exceed your expectations.

For a preview of their performance, visit their YouTube channel here.



* Spinach salad with bacon, walnuts, and crumbled blue cheese OR,

* Butternut Squash Soup (v)


* Green chicken and vegetable curry, served with rice OR,

* Five beans chilli crepe with mature cheddar, sour cream and spinach (double) (v)


* Waffles with fresh cream and berries OR,

* Chocolate fondue for two with banana and marshmallow (for two people)

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