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Debut Open Music Programme - End of Programme Concert, Wed 17 Oct

Debut Open Music Programme -End of Programme Concert

Wednesday 17 October, 19.45 to 22.15

Free Entrance to All

Come and support their music journey!

From acoustics, early teen rappers, funky harmonica, jazz to pop, participants of the Debut Open Music Programme 2018 will perform at this end of programme concert and compete for the following opportunities.

Best Performer on the night will have the opportunity to have a song professionally recorded at a studio and broadcasted on 107 Meridian FM Jazz with an interview about their musical dreams. Also an opportunity to perform a short session in a music venue in London with our host Jenny Green.

It is a our great honour to have Melanie Burgess from Time and Leisure Magazine to be the judge on the night. And we are extremely grateful for Crown Lane Studio’s sponsorship for the professional recording session for the Best Performer.

Free entrance to all. Our crepes and waffle menu will be served along with our specialty Belgian beers and cocktail menu.

It will be an entertaining evening with live music of different genres! Below ​​

are some highlight videos o their outstanding performance in the last six months - click on the link.

Or Visit our YouTube Chanel here.




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