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Popup Acrylic Painting Evening - "Spring Flowers", Fri 22 Feb

Date: Friday 22 February

Time: 19.30 to 21.30

Price: £27 per person to include instructions, all arts materials and a glass of wine.

Join us for a special evening of learning, fun and self expression with artist Miguel Galue!

What is your favourite flowers in the Springtime? Cherry blossom? Daffodil? Peony? Tulips? Let's make it a beautiful painting of your own!

With Spring Flowers as our theme on the evening, Miguel will introduce some sketching, composition and acrylic painting techniques in an easy, fun way so you can apply them with inspiration while sharing with friends and fellow guests. The goal is to have a wonderful evening and walk home with a Work of Art!

The price of the session is £27 and includes,

  • Instruction

  • All materials

  • A glass of wine

You just have to bring enthusiasm and we will do the rest - come along and have fun!

It will make a great night out with friends and colleagues, even a date night ;-)!

Advance booking required. Please email or call 020 8417 1600.

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