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Valentine's Day Dinner - Thu 14 Feb

Thursday 14 February, 19.00 till late

Anything planned for the Valentine’s Day yet? Here’s an idea for those who fancy something different and a laid-back romantic evening :-)!

Join us for a candlelit dinner with,

  • * Live romantic jazz music from guitarist and vocalist Michael Howard

  • * Crafts table for the two of you to create your own simple but memorable souvenir to mark the date - and it will be a different activity from last year (!)

  • * Special casserole and cocktails will be served along our delicious crepes and waffles menu which you can just order on the night.

Just book a table in advance, no minimum charge, it’s as simple as that! Or join us for some cocktails, mulled wines and hot chocolate later in the evening to enjoy our music and romantic vibes.

And, who says valentine must be your lover? Bring your father/mother, brother/sister, a friend or indeed any one you love dearly just to enjoy a lovely evening :-)!

Book your table today:


Tel.: +44 (0)20 8417 1600

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