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Friday Arts and Crafts Club

Fancy spending some quality time with friends doing fun crafts, making a memorable souvenir, or simply having some me-time?

We meet every last Friday of the month for a relaxing evening where our participants can chill-lax with a glass of wine in hand to enjoy some trendy craft activities and our much loved jazz music. It makes a great girls’ night out, date-night or simply self-pampering time.

You can expect a full range of fun crafts workshops from jewellery making, pop-up acrylic painting, paper crafts to upcycle garden sign and perfume making.

A sneak peek for the line up in the first half of 2019,

January: Vision Board - be it travelling, work target, buying a new house to planning

a wedding, make a sketchbook to visualise where you want to go.

February: The third Popup Acrylic Painting Workshop with Miguel Galue, all proved to be popular and sold out. The theme will be around

March: You say and we deliver! Everyone is asking about our next jewellery making workshop and here you go! This time we will be making Silver Wire and Semi-precious Stone Ring.

April: Time for about making your own garden sign or accessories? In this Upcycle Garden Sign Workshop we will be using recycled work from unwanted furniture, packaging or even wine crates and turn them into a beautiful art pieces in your garden!

May: I have always wanted a personalised perfume just for myself - is it just me? In this aromatherapy workshop you will make your own Summer Cream and Perfume with essential oils and nature materials.

June: Catch the summer dreams with your own handmade Dream Catcher. It is traditionally regarded as a protection above the cradles, or simply good on its own as a home decoration :-)!

Not even joking...even myself is excited just by writing it all out (lol!).

Visit our Events page for details or Email to register your interest and we will be in touch.

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