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Jewellery Making Workshop, "Gemstone Tree Of Life Pendant", Fri 31 Jan, 19.30

At the last of the four jewellery making workshops with Cherry Charm on *Fri 31 Jan* we will be making a gemstone tree of life pendant as shown in the photos this time. We will cover a lot of basic wiring and twisting techniques in this workshop which will form a good foundation for anyone who would like to do more jewellery making in the future. Expect a lot of fun while learning new skills and making something pretty :-)! Fee is £25 pp and includes, * Gemstones, crystals and all materials required * Tools and instruction * A glass of wine (or hot/cold drink) * A finished gemstone pendant Extra tools set and materials are also available for purchase if you want to make more at home.

Advance booking is required, please email with guest name and number.

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