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Jazz Dinner with The Tide - Fri 4 Aug

Date: Friday 4 August

Time: 19.30 to 22.30

Price: £20 per person for 2 courses or £23 for 3 courses; all served with a glass of Bellini (or glass of red/white wine) and canapés on arrival.

To book your table in advance, please email or call 020 8417 1600 with guest names and menu options.

Join us for a mid summer jazz night with a trio band from The Tide :-)! Vocalist Hayley will be performing with drummer Dessie and keyboardist Sarina. It will be an evening full of summer vibes, you know why? Apart from the summery jazz music, we have put together a menu with a flavour of the Mediterranean sea and we will even top it up with a Bellini for everyone! Check out our menu below.

The Tides is a jazz and R&B multi-genre collaboration between five musicians hailing from around the globe. Founded by singer Hayley Sheldon (United Kingdom), guitarist Eric Blander (USA) and Bassist Parick W Farrel (Australia), the project was fis while working together onboard the RMS Cunard Queen Mary 2. The band was later filled out by fellow musicians-at-sea Dessie Poleon (St Lucia) on drums and and Sarina Bachleitner (USA) on keyboards.

Permanent band members Vocalist Hayley and Drummer Dessie run the band and now have a catalogue of musicians from all over the world. Each member brings something different to the group, having unique experiences performing in tours, theatres, clubs, resorts and luxury cruise liners in many genres all around the world.

For a quick review of their performance, view here.

Early bird discount - 5% off if you register on or before Friday 28 July.



* Grilled garlic mushroom with bacon OR,

* Greek salad (v)


* Stuffed courgettes with spicy lamb OR,

* Camembert crepe with red currant sauce, walnut and spinach (double) (v)


* Ricotta with berries OR,

* Lemon and sugar crepe

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