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Mums' Brunch Time Club - Tea Ceremony and Meditation

Date: Wednesday 16 August

Time: 10.30 to 12.00

Venue: Belgian Brasserie, Merton Abbey Mills, Colliers Wood, SW19 2RD

Fee: Mum's Brunch Time Club members £15; non members £20

Sitting on the cushions on the floor we appreciate exceptional artisan tea in a mindful and ritualistic manner inspired by Dao and Zen meditation practices.

Teas that come from the trees growing in the wild or from natural farming, brewed and tasted in a special set and setting, offer unforgettable sensory experience with a profound feeling of peace, simple joy and natural magic.

We drink tea slowly and mindfully to be fully present to all our senses of smell, taste, touch, vision and sound, to experience the actual moment of "here" and "now", and to find beauty and grace in small things.

After tea meditation we move to DIY part of the workshop where we learn about different types of tea (japanese or chinese green, pu-erh, various oolongs etc), ways of preparing them, utensils and how to create a tea ceremony setting. Each workshop will be dedicated to one type of tea, and we will be tasting one or two teas depending on a chosen tea of the day.

Fee includes,

  • Cushions for the meditations

  • Two tea for tea ceremony

  • Coffee/tea of your choice and brunch refreshments

  • A relax and sociable environment

  • Members will enjoy their membership benefits; non members will also enjoy 10% discount on our delicious crepes and waffle menu after the class

Course duration: 1.5 hour

Class size: minimum 4 participants

Registration: please email

You will receive payment instructions on registration and we will secure your place on receipt of payment.

About the instructor,

Kat Bumbul is a tea and sound meditation artist, focusing on transcendental and healing aspects of her work. She has been introduced to tea ceremony 15 years ago which became one of her biggest passions and gradually turned into much loved work occupation along music and sound healing. Kat lives in London from 2006, where she runs regular gong sound baths and tea meditations. She participates in various art collaborations and organize nature and natural healing retreats. Most time during Summer she spends in the woods in Baltics.

Kat's website:

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